artifacts of the no-audience underground: posset and andrew perry

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andrew perry and posset

posset (23 minutes, 3 tracks) and andrew perry (23 minutes, 1 track), CD-r in slimline DVD case, fuckin’ amateurs #52

Always nice to come home from work and find an unsolicited jiffy bag on the doormat.  This one was sent by RFM’s Newcastle correspondent Joe Posset and contained a split CD-r he shares with the equally prolific Andrew Perry.  A short review of the music, courtesy of imaginary Aussie fanzine Sensory Vexations, can be read on Joe’s blog here.  However, my listening pleasure was hampered by the following silliness…

This CD-r came with a puffy letter ‘E’ stuck to the non-playing side (or numeral ‘3’ depending on your relative position) which sits proud of the surface by a millimeter or so.  Not much, but just enough to make it unplayable on my laptop.  An attempt to do so led to an alarming grinding noise (no, that wasn’t the music) and crashed two different bits of ripping software.  There are other CD players in the house but, as I wish to maintain a state of marital bliss, most of my music appreciation is done via walkman/mp3 player.  As such this remains unheard.  I can’t pick the bloody ‘E’ off and, frankly, if a release requires me to find a chisel then I lose interest pretty quick.

Fuckin’ Amateurs are aware of this issue.  The insert contains the following information:


Discovering this provoked a serious grump: “what a studenty affectation of carelessness,” I said out loud to no-one in particular, “what a waste of everyone’s time.”  Such was my discontent that Joe sensed it all the way up in Newcastle and immediately leapt to their aid:

Martin (& Jamie who run F#A!) did say the stick-on letters were, in retrospect, a mistake…hence the disclaimer.  I guess a lot of these things depend on context.  I’ve been aware of F#A! for 3 or 4 years and I have to say they run their affairs with the sort of integrity and dogged determination of Dischord/SST/Shimmy Disc/Choc Monk.  Most discs are given away for free, many come with badges, photos, booklets all realised on a less-than zero budget.  I totally understand the frustration of not getting the disc to work, I know F#A! want you to hear it and don’t want you to knack your laptop. 

Now all this sounds great doesn’t it?  I’m a sucker for an impassioned defence.  Even before I hear the ‘clean’ copy that Joe has promised me I just know that it is going to be good.  Fuckin’ Amateurs are too punk to put contact details on the packaging so, should you have faith in the robustness of your CD player, this release can be had direct from Joe ( for £3.

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