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Radiofreemidwich is delighted to announce that the crack team of archivists engaged in the task of compiling catalogue raisonné de Hayler have finally published their work.  The previously ramshackle discography page is now sharply formatted and as comprehensive as it is ever going to get.  Aside from a few gaps to be accounted for below, every release is represented with a cover pic, catalogue details and freely downloadable mp3s.  Some notes:

The gaps

Mp3s are not available for three days in, four to go as, amazingly, it is still available to buy.  Please go to Carbon Records and surprise Joe with an order – this really is a good one and the silk-screened cover is lovely.  Similarly, the two culver vs midwich tapes can be had via Lee at the ever-inspirational Matching Head.  I’m also holding off on months, years (both original and reissue) and raised ironworks in the hope that more units of these cdrs can be shifted.  Finally, With Maples Ablaze is not my release to post.

Noteworthy additions

Amongst the newly available stuff are all my appearances on compilations.  This is a mixed bag, I have to admit, but why not dip your toe in by trying an excerpt from a very drunken gig Neil Campbell and I did back in the hazy days of Summer 2002?

Talking of live stuff, there is a shonky but historic recording of the ffrkestra – basically everyone who played on the evening of a ffr themed gig in the year 2000 plus members of Vibracathedral Orchestra and a bit of audience participation.  I may write more about this in future.

I will definitely be writing more about Truant: the kraut/noise power trio of me, Michael Clough and Phil Todd.  The first rehearsal recording, featuring Clough/Hayler as a duo, can be found in the listing for in brine.  The first album, zellaby’s beautiful sacrifice – recorded after we’d been joined by Phil, is also now downloadable.

Finally, I’ll mention ‘this whole process’ which probably merits a post of its own as well.  This 25 minutes of relentless throbbing, best enjoyed at ridiculous volume, was released as my half of a split cdr with Moon.  This was not what I originally planned for what was to be my magnum opus, my ‘strings of life’, my step up to the next level.  Instead it turned out to be the beginning of the end for midwich v1.0.  Buy me a ginger beer and I’ll tell you the story…

All of these tracks can be heard via links on the ‘rob hayler discography’ page – please click on the tab above.

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