genuinely new midwich recording – ten minutes to be under

April 1, 2011 at 11:06 am | Posted in midwich, new music, no audience underground | 2 Comments
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As mentioned in a recent post below, the track ‘weather to be under’ on the midwich CD-r raised ironworks has garnered some generous praise.  One or two foolhardy commentators even expressed a wish that it carried on longer than its five minute running time.  Well, I thought, I’ve got the original loop saved in the dusty Roland MC-303 Groovebox that served as the midwich sound source so maybe I could ease myself back into recording by creating an extended version.  Easy, eh?

This is now done, though Mark Wharton wouldn’t be so free with words like ‘dainty’ and ‘effortless’ if he’d seen me discarding duff cables, fighting with an erratic volume control and worrying about inexplicable hissing noises.  It’s complicated keeping it simple.  Anyway, I’ve salvaged 10 minutes that I’m quite pleased with and, before you ask, yes it is supposed to be muddy and overloaded in places.  It isn’t bad recording: it is emotional resonance and all today’s hipsters are up to it – ask Salem and How to Dress Well.

So here it is – my first new recording in many years. I’m offering it as a thank you present to those that visit this blog:

midwich – ten minutes to be under


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  1. Rob thank you for the present, which I enjoyed lots, and also for yr (later) comments about the bafflingly hip cool adored Actress album. There is no contest – you are lots better than Actress.
    ever – simon

    • Aww… too kind, too kind! Comment much appreciated. Yes, my dislike of Actress is obviously sour grapes. I am just jealous that my superior talents have not been lauded likewise… 😉 R xx

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