for sale: birchville cat motel – nurse

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birchville cat motel – nurse


fencing flatworm recordings, ff027, 1 track, 31m45s, CD-r in plastic wallet with colour cover, second and final edition of 10

Whilst poking the ffrchive with a stick the other day I discovered a handful of pristine, full colour, laser printed covers for the release above featuring the beautiful photography of my former flatworm comrade Sean Keeble.  Seemed a shame not to use ’em so I’ve decided to make this CD-r available again in a second edition of 10.  This is your absolute final chance to get hold of this fondly remembered release, on the influential fencing flatworm recordings, in its lovely original cover.

Campbell Kneale should need little introduction to readers of this blog.  The hardest working man in drone-business, once ubiquitous as BCM but now better known as Our Love Will Destroy The World, he has spent years building up a dauntingly large and relentlessly beautiful back catalogue.  The world is a brighter place for having him in it.

Here is my original blurb from the fencing flatworm site:

campbell never lets you down, right? when I saw the instrument list included such things as ‘baby monitor’ I was worried this might sound gimmicky, but not a bit of it. as high class as your previous favourite birchville release, if not more so. this is a half-hour of beautifully enveloping organic drone. if you know bcm: you’ll need this, if you don’t: why the hell not?! you should start right here.

And here is a little mp3 clip.

See ‘for sale’ page (tab above) for purchasing details.

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