wired for sound part 10: early hominids – alkali/dilate (total vermin)

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Early Hominids – alkali/dilate (total vermin #38)

Early Hominids are a duo of Paul Walsh and Neil Campbell, who decided to work together after having shared bear-hugs at a ‘Survivors of Smell & Quim’ support group.  This tape, released by the prolific and charmingly named Total Vermin, contains one shortish long track of improv electronics per side.  The cassette itself is as black as the lenses of Lou Reed’s sunglasses.

Much to my amusement, this sounds exactly like what you’d expect it to sound like.  That is: the aural equivalent of giving a couple of demonically-possessed four-year-olds a giant box of crayons and asking them to express how they feel on your living room wall.  Or maybe the thrashing about of a malfunctioning cyborg octopus that has somehow fallen into a vat of boiling chip fat.  Similar to the squigglier side of Neil’s Astral Social Club but with a harder, grimmer edge: speed rather than ecstacy.

A more considered verdict on this release can be read here and Neil’s own account of EH’s working methods plus clips of more recently recorded electromash can be found here.  Visit Total Vermin to buy this tape for £2.50 plus postage.

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