wired for sound part 9: tapenoise

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tapenoise – south west weird live 2010

Some comments in a thoughtful email from Dex, also known as Tapenoise, sparked off my recent musings on the mainstream versus the underground.  This tape, and a little further conversation, has set me off again…

Like a caterpillar munching the edge of a giant leaf, Dex has been working around the fringes of the noise and sound-art scenes for many years.  He is interested in standing apart from fashion and examining the way sources, ideas, technology drift in and out of vogue.  His art and music have a definite ‘outsider’ vibe.  The tape above came to me in a jiffy bag that had been covered in birthday present wrapping paper and also contained a Tapenoise postcard, fridge magnet (?!) and a scrap of card with a personal message for me.  The insert is obviously a hand-crafted one-off.  A little bleep of 8-bit nostalgia caused me to press thrust and fire together when I realised the cassette was a C20 that used to contain computer games.

…and the music?  Well, I didn’t connect with it, I’m afraid.  I’ll say no more than that.  Plenty of examples can be found on the Tapenoise website so, if you are interested, head on over and make up your own mind.  I get the feeling that Dex’s hide is pretty thick and, whilst he’ll enjoy your praise if you feel inclined to offer it, his ego will survive if you don’t.  Like the most genuine outsider art, Tapenoise appears to be produced as a result of an unstoppable drive.  Its existence does not need the rubber stamp of our approval.  Dex summed this up beautifully as follows:

All my stuff is like growing hair- it just keeps coming whether I like it or not -until one day it will all have gone I guess?

 Brilliant, eh?  Heh, heh.  Visit before he goes creatively bald!

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