artifacts of the no-audience underground: the trees are all blocking the forest (striate cortex)

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the trees are all blocking the forest

The spec: an apparently hand-made cardboard box, lined and sealed with a little Velcro button, houses a full colour double-sided insert on which are mounted two cdrs decorated with full colour ‘on body’ (as I believe it is called) printing.  Also included is a separate insert (not pictured) which gives details of the artists and track titles.  The set comprises six lengthy pieces, three per cdr, and will occupy the best part of two and a half hours of your time.  Limited to 100 copies.

The music is mostly high-end drone, contemplative and enveloping, though a couple of tracks border on noise and contain enough changes of tone and pace to cause you to puff agitatedly on your pipe, reverie shaken.  Leaving aside Astral Social Club’s inflation of Katy Perry’s ‘Fireworks’ to twenty minutes of euphoric grind (more on that here), the highlights are tracks by Max Bellancourt and Wereju.  The former is as icy, beautiful and austere as a frozen lake.  The latter has the cool, animal menace of a fox padding across that lake with a still twitching hen clamped firmly in its teeth.

This set is obviously a labour of love, an object to excite those who care about the physical presentation of their music, and a testament to the dedication of Andy Robinson and his (presumably) one-man label.  That it can be had for a mere £7 plus postage is a steal.  Order from Striate Cortex.

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