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March 5, 2011 at 2:21 pm | Posted in musings, no audience underground, not bloody music | 4 Comments
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Following Idwal Fisher’s lead (as I often do, I should rename this blog: ‘you heard it here second’) I’ve recently tracked down two print-based zines: Leeds based Niche Homo, which I found on the shelf in Jumbo Records, and the charmingly named Hiroshima Yeah!, which took a bit more effort.

Provided only with an email address, I dropped them a line to establish contact and in return was offered a freebie issue.  Very generous, I thought and took ’em up on it.

A week (or two?) later I received a make-shift envelope cobbled together with parcel tape and decorated with a crayon drawing of a spunking stickman.  Unfortunately, this package was open at one end and completely empty.  I was initially puzzled but eventually guessed correctly that the sort of guys that call their zine Hiroshima Yeah!  may also be the sort of guys that decorate their correspondence in the manner of a lunatic stalker.

Another email led to a second attempt arriving yesterday.  To my delight it contained this little lot:

A letter, two issues of the zine itself and a barking collection of odds and ends including a Chinese(?) banknote, a Christmas card, various wallet detritus from a trip to Madrid and a crayon that looked like someone had taken a bite out of it.  I wiped a nostalgic tear from my eye as I fondly recalled my small-press comic/mail art/prankster efforts of the 80s and 90s.  The most mundane item struck me as the funniest: a Sainsbury’s receipt jauntily suggesting you ‘try something new today’ which listed one item bought: milk.  Great deadpan fuckoffness.

And the zine?  It’s great.  Runs to 5 or 6 sides of cut-and-paste, black-and-white A4 photocopy, stapled in one corner.  The content features bleak misanthropic poetry, similarly bleak, nightmarish, short short stories and reviews of gigs and records.  Mark and Gary, the two writers of HY!, have different styles and interests so gonzo, Whitehouse-quoting, nihilism on one page can be followed by The Decemberists getting an approving nod for sounding like REM on the next.  The record reviews are knowledgeable and passionate, the gig reviews include an account of the whole day leading up to the show, including egg mayo sandwiches and a tally of pints of cider drunk.  I like it very much.

Contact HY! via: donbirnam@hotmail.com


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  1. You are correct sir – that’s a Chinese 10 Yaun note. Looks like you’ve been the victim of a Gerogary mail out clear out.

  2. Hi Rob – I told you I read your blog. Very Interesting – you are all mad but in a good way

  3. I met Gary Simmons in a pub in Leytonstone the other day. Wow! He’s a top bloke and gave me a copy of Hiroshima Yeah! Jist Googled it and your blog was all I could kind of find.

    • Hey Scarlet – cheers for commenting – yeah, those HY! cats have no web presence at all. Kinda perversely admirable in these overly connected times. The good news is that you can accidentally start a lifetime subscription just by expressing an interest… Rob H x

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