new ‘for sale’ page and first new midwich product in six years

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Raise your eye slightly, dear reader, and you will notice a new page tab labelled ‘for sale’.  Tap on this to visit the rfm mall, so recently opened that I still have the scissors in my hand and the ribbon at my feet.  The main purpose of this venture is to make available the new midwich releases below.  Yes, my vanity has finally got the better of my common sense and midwich, idling on ‘standby’ for six years, has been reactivated.  I may also use the for sale page to sell rarities, ffr oddities and secondhand goodies with a view to funding this foolishness.

So, without further preamble, poetic debris editions is proud to announce:

midwich – raised ironworks

8cm CD-r, 4 tracks, 18 and a half minutes, edition of 50, poetic debris 01

Four tracks originally recorded for various projects which then failed to surface.  One track appeared in a different form on the long sold-out Pjorn (0)72 compilation but over 17 minutes of this music is previously unreleased.  Expect: shards of broken mirror, grinding robo-rhythms, sunlight on the river – golden apples bobbing, emotionally overloaded clockwork rave…

(aside: with thanks to Matt Robson)

midwich – months, years

8cm CD-r, 1 track, 21 minutes, edition of 50, poetic debris 02

Originally released ten years ago as one half of a split CD-r with the lovely Karina ESP on the defunct label Trademarked Industries.  This epic of Yorkshire Nothing Music is two parts immersive, solvent fuzz to one part soul-coddling womb-throb.  A must-have for the aficionado of ego-dissolving drone.

(aside: if anyone out there has contact details for Nick Davey of TM Ind I’d be grateful if you’d pass them on)

Visit the for sale page for details of costs and how to order.  Value, quality and convenience are our watchwords…

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  1. awesome! hiatus is over… its showtime!

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