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January 30, 2011 at 11:11 am | Posted in new music, no audience underground | 1 Comment
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…and Billy Sprague has alerted me to another rather lovely development.  In an email, he writes:

I am happy to announce that my newest album Galena – Grave News For You, originally a limited cassette tape, has received rave reviews and a new and improved Vinyl & CD pressing is in the works and can be Pre-Ordered NOW!  Friends & Family who supported the Sprague brothers by Pre-Ordering Tristeza’s new album know how easy placing a pre-order via is… you order and pay now and you get a copy before it even hits the shops.  It is being releases by Christopher & my label Sanity Muffin, with distro & manufacturing done by Darla.  This album really means alot to me, it was written and recorded solely by me while dealing with the recent death of my father. It was a very therapeutic exercise for me and helped channel my grief into something positive… a tribute to him…

A full description of the music and its artwork are detailed at the Darla page.  Pre-orders dictate how many we press and show Darla that there IS INTEREST in the releases we make which help solidify future releases.  Your support is essential to our label’s continuation of releasing music we love…

You can preorder my release by clicking here: Darla/Galena Pre-Order

I will be doing so and I hope you will too.  The tape release of this album made it into my best-of-2010 round-up and was the subject of a glowing review elsewhere on this blog.  The Darla preorder page contains another nice write-up.  I rate it extremely highly and am delighted that the interest shown has allowed for this reissue.  Billy also mentions that he’ll be touring Europe in April to support this release – watch this space!

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  1. thanks for spreading the word Robert! wish we were playing the UK but last time it sent me back broke and hungry! but drugged up and happy… big love))))

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