midwich – new ways of saying yes (trademarked industries)

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midwich – new ways of saying yes

  1. mysterious parcel
  2. stomaching
  3. doubled over
  4. gradual, new

Groping underneath the tarpaulin thrown over the flatworm archive has revealed this mid-period entry in the midwich discography.  The spec follows a familiar blueprint: 4 tracks, half-an-hour-ish.  Released on CDr in 2002 (with the great cover above) by the now sadly defunct Trademarked Industries.

I’ve always been in two minds about this one – as I apparently was when I recorded it.  The title is unusually upbeat, as is the quick opener, ‘mysterious parcel’, which lumbers comically from foot to foot for 40 seconds.  The closer, ‘gradual, new’, is a 14 minute fuzz-drone that radiates blissed-out happiness and contentment.  Odd, I know – what was I thinking?

The trouble comes in between.  ‘Stomaching’ is a minimal, splintering, battle-of-the-car-alarms that I now find too gruelling to get through.  ‘Doubled over’ is a muscular analogue throb that remains satisfyingly pummelling at high volume but is hardly easy listening.  I’m guessing these tracks were inspired by a bout of gut-churning illness – alcohol related – that I endured in the squalid, slug-infested hovel where I was then living.  That said, they may have just been recorded with the house style of Trademarked Industries in mind – generally more aggressive and percussive than fencing flatworm.  My memories of the details are patchy – which suggests the alcohol related explanation is probably the correct one…

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