wired for sound part 7: sanity muffin label sampler

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SM13 sanity muffin label sampler

Some time ago Billy of Sanity Muffin was kind enough to send me more of his fine, fine releases.  I have been promising reviews of these tapes about once a fortnight ever since so, as a kind of Christmas present for Billy and an exercise for my clearing head, I thought I had better sit down to it.

First up, the above.  Here’s the spec: full 90 minute tape of specially commissioned, exclusive tracks from current label roster and prospective future stars.  Beautifully packaged, as ever: the crazy insert by Chicago artist Hydeon depicts bird-headed demon creatures visiting a drive-thru buffet.  With a few exceptions, you could say there is a house sound: tempos are generally slow, tracks are largely instrumental, electronics are analog, guitars are used to produce drones and sweeps, percussion is simple, tracks are untitled.  The emphasis is on atmosphere and recording is often echoed out or overloaded to the point of distortion.  This label understands the qualities of tape.  I will now attempt a bravura display of pretentiousness by describing each track with a haiku.  Humour me – I’ve been ill.

Side A

Odd Nosdam: synthetic choirs/ sing through detuned radio/ liturgical drone

Kraanium: distant roaring dunes/ riff emerges; smears; ripping/ on the battlefield

Perpeteia: bird song, narration/ rolling, rumbling improv drums/natural collage

Hondo: heavenly shimmer/ vocals bounce around the mix/ magnetic beauty

Travis Wyche: ice cold piano/ discord of heathen angels/ sing: “we are alone”

Drape: golden resonance/ harmony of sea and sky/ the end of something

A.C. Way: soft bells ride the waves/ mos eisley in a sandstorm/ electric weather

Torture Corpse: cat miaows, I laugh/ ominous descending arp/ too silly for me

Hondo + Galena: brute electronics/ black mass in church of hard synth/ this is more like it

Side B

Lissom: robot Bedouin/ resigned to uneasy peace/ tends crackling fire

Bre’r + Odd Nosdam: slow motion dervish/ projector jam, film aflame/ lost to distortion

Engines: all is percussion/ jazz bedbugs leap instruments/ inflammation groove

Naked Lights: expensively cheap/ bassline drives in quaalude fuzz/ blue light through plate glass

Jims: motorik tik-tok/synth waves foam over the beach/ like running on sand

Selaroda: Steel monastery/ selling pardons to androids/ synthetic heaven

Gears: sub-surface rumbles/ seductive epicentre/ burrowing upwards

Galena: short wave fuzz and trill/ gristle chewing mid-range throb/ guy can do no wrong

Born to Kill: bathed in constant noise/ electromagnetic pulse/ culture is over

Gog: doom-laden sludge rock / recorded in a bunker/ as mothership leaves

In other words: I liked it very much and think you should just go and buy it here.  It’s a steal.  More reviews, in regular paragraphs, to come in part 8.

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  1. dig the Haiku’s Robert…
    appropriate dissections…

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