baby jesus says: happy birthday to radiofreemidwich! plus: brain chemistry update

December 8, 2010 at 11:32 am | Posted in blog info, musings, not bloody music | Leave a comment

OK, so the burst of optimism inspired by a medication change proved a little premature.  My new pharmacological companion, Trazadone, has had few side effects (mainly a perfectly manageable sea-sickness which has now dissipated) but has been slow in producing the desired anti-depressant effect.  This left me able to deal with the immediate business of life but extremely half-arsed when it came to anything higher-level such as writing amusing blog posts or replying to emails.  Apologies.

Thankfully, this is now changing and the drug is finally wandering about my brain turning the lights back on, bleeding the radiators and changing the sheets.  Yesterday I had an appointment with Occupational Health at my place of work and began the arrangements necessary for a phased return.  I am cautiously excited but recognise from past experience that this stage in my recovery requires careful monitoring.  I am getting better, but am still ill, and the difficulty of balancing the two leads to paranoia and restlessness.  I can see a full recovery in the near future but, like a wasp trapped inside and repeatedly banging its head on a window pane, can’t quite get to it yet…

One thing that has cheered me enormously this week, and which has spurred me on to write this post (hopefully the first of several before Christmas), is the realisation that radiofreemidwich is one year old!  Putting this blog together has been a very rewarding business.  It has satisfied my rampant and shameless narcissism and, even better, led to me re-establishing contact with many top-notch comrades from the no-audience underground and to me hearing some really, really special music. 

Thank you all for reading and for contributing.  I am truly grateful and wish y’all a bitchin’ Christmas and a truly remarkable 2011.  Cheers!

(pictures taken by me last week on my street here in Leeds.  Click for full size)

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