midwich – natural wastage (evelyn records)

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midwich – natural wastage

natural wastage

Here’s another rarity for your ‘Drone-tronics of the no-audience underground’ sticker album, 2002 edition.  This is a single, half-hour track, comprising two movements underpinned by an ever-present fuzztone.  Part one is a field recording of a gelatinous, foot-long woodlouse eating strange white fungi on an otherwise deserted Pacific island.  Part two documents the arrival of a storm-blown flock of robo-finches.  They eat the woodlouse and, in so doing, activate an age-old curse which causes the island to sink.  Why are you looking at me like that?  It does.

Anyway, this was released by Chris Gowers as a cdr on his lovely label evelyn records (not to be confused with the Copenhagen based Evelyn Records).  Chris had the smart idea of issuing cdrs in series thus encouraging repeat custom via subscription.  Mine was part of series two.  The evelyn records website is still viewable but, as it doesn’t appear to have been updated in years, I suspect it is defunct.  That said, it is worth spending 60 seconds of your time visiting the entry for natural wastage to read a daft ‘review’ written by my then girlfriend.  I won’t repeat it here as I am now married to someone else…

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