Astral Social Club + High Wolf = IIBIIS ROOGE

June 25, 2010 at 5:42 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Now then folks: apologies for a couple of weeks of silence.  A nasty bug and a busy time at work left me horizontal on the sofa and unwilling to flip open the laptop.  However, you’ll be glad to hear that I am fighting fit again and demob happy as I am soon to be honeymooning on the glorious Amalfi Coast.  Before we split for the sun, just time for some minor blogging.  The attuned amongst you will have noticed that the release above was a featured item in a recent Boomkat newsletter.  Allow me to shamelessly rip their review:

A real treat for fans of psy-trance, only we’re not talking Ozric Tentacles sh*te, this is Astral Social Club and High Wolf in collaboration for Dekorder. Under the Iibiis Rooge handle the pair have shaped an amazing sound jammed from streams of improvised electronics and looped percussion, sounding something like a lo-fi version of Gavin Russom chewing peyote with Florian Hecker, kinda. Neil Campbell’s Astral Social Club is evidently responsible for the linear, near-techno pulse of the tracks on the A-side, while the pair most likely share duties in the creation of morphing, dynamically spacious and ultimately trippy-as-fuck sounds happening above, inside, and around the groove. On the other side they spread out over one long improvisation ‘Dancing In The Sun (Has Just Begun)’, slowly sucking us down into a black hole where carnival music is centrifugally splayed into glorious harmonics and washing machine rhythms draw us into the centre of the cycle, centred in a trance. Seriously amazing music.

Yeah, what they just said.  MP3s of this glorious racket can be had from Boomkat for a mere £3.95.  In the interests of balance I should mention that vinyl is available from the lovely Norman Records.  For those that like their objects to have tangible presence, that is.

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