machine soul part two: tg2

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ff022 tungsten grasshopper – tg2

  1. the haunted house from childhood
  2. winter on the heath
  3. twilight reflection on the winter in my soul
  4. autumnal static
  5. i wish she wasn’t dead

The sophomore effort from tungsten grasshopper finds Graham in a sombre, reflective mood.  I remember only one, hopelessly English, stiff-upper-lipped, conversation about where all this came from. To paraphrase: ‘blimey, these track titles,’ I said, or words to that effect.  ‘Yes, it has been a rough year’ he replied.  We chuckled nervously, not really knowing each other well enough to take it further.  I didn’t want to pry.  You don’t need to either: listen to the music, it’s all there.  To try using experimental, instrumental, electronic music to convey these emotions is very ambitious.  To succeed like this is a rare achievement.

Like I said, I didn’t know Graham that well, and lost touch (my fault) after he moved to London, but I was always quietly impressed with the guy.  Efficient and industrious, he presented his first tg demo to me already wrapped in a flatworm style cover.  He was a major contributor to oTo with several darkly humorous, heavily processed, hauntological reworkings of film soundtracks.  Unlike a lot of us, he obviously had interests outside of music too.  He bought a copy of ‘South‘ from me whilst I worked at Waterstone’s and I remembered this when I picked up a second-hand copy myself the other day.  Turns out he is big HP Lovecraft enthusiast, allotment keeper and newlywed.  The similarities are amusing – is this what happens to all us aging electro-heads?  Good to be back in touch.

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