wired for sound part three: astral social club tape

May 27, 2010 at 8:19 pm | Posted in new music, no audience underground | Leave a comment
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Well now, cynical readers might suspect I’ve been putting tapes to one side for weeks just so I can splurge a bunch of related posts and pretend I’m up on a trend…  The very idea!

*Ahem*, as I was saying: eschewing his usual format for self-releases, the CDr, Neil instead presents us with an untitled Astral Social Club cassette featuring two side-long pieces.  The first is edited together from three late 2009 Northern European gigs.  Billowing, splintering phase patterns are swamped by ominous growling.  Perhaps this is what it sounds like to a wing-walker as her stunt plane flies through  a cloud of volcanic ash then descends gloriously, and vertically, as the prop stops spinning and the juddering engine grinds to a halt.  What a way to go…

The second side is a home recording of twittering squiggles overlaying an ever-present and perfectly spliced euro-pop sample.  Stick the name of the track into Wikipedia and its source becomes obvious.  One of Neil’s less likely influences, perhaps.  Anyway, like most looped vocal samples, this begins as amusing, quickly becomes infuriating then, depending on your mood, morphs into a transcendent, ego-dissolving chant or just remains infuriating.

I dig this tape for the same reason I dig the Vibracathedral Orchestra tape on Matching Head – you get to wrap your head around some lengthy performances as opposed to the edited ‘tracks’ you find on other releases.  No idea where to find this so I’d recommend contacting Neil directly at: astralsocialclub@hotmail.co.uk and asking for directions.

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