quick review haiku

April 10, 2010 at 11:44 am | Posted in new music, no audience underground | 2 Comments
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no time for blog posts

wedding all encompassing

normal service soon

1. culver – surgical memory

fragile, warm beauty

gradually overwhelmed

by unending heat

2. astral social club #21

metal kaos funk

industrial jigs and reels

funny photo!  Rarrr!

3. Brian Lavelle – Lambent

wires, bowed metal

stirred by glacial winds

hut on the tundra

4. Ohrca – Ohrca

melancholy fuzz

robo-dragonflies skitter

compressed history

  1. Sun Sea Sky Productions (free download)


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  1. no fooling around

    points hit and dismissed

    efforts appreciated

    • reacting to art
      in seventeen syllables
      surprisingly tough!

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