public display of affection briefly delays ongoing narcissism

April 2, 2010 at 3:09 pm | Posted in blog info | 2 Comments

The frequent visitor to this blog may have noted a slight slowing of the weeklyish posting rate which was previously the norm.  This is because I am due to be married to the wonderful Anne on the 24th of this very month and my attention has been commanded by the arrangements.  Despite inevitable butterflies, I simply couldn’t be happier and am looking forward to it enormously.  Excuse me a second…

(wipes ‘speck of dust’ from corner of eye, takes deep breath, straightens tie)

*Ahem*, as I was saying – blog service may be erratic over the next three or four weeks.  My apologies, but your patience will be rewarded eventually with more high quality musings on unpopular culture, reviews of stuff produced by my talented friends, and, of course, I’ll be blowing the dust off more from the midwich/fencing flatworm archive…


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  1. Wahoo! Good luck and a toast to the married Crown Prince of Midwich!

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