midwich – procedures (celebrate psi phenomena)

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midwich – procedures


Now, I have to admit to being a little hazy about the details with this one.  I had to shine a harsh light in the eyes of my former self, ignore his pleas that ‘I was drunk’, and administer a serious talking to.  Between sobs he told me about “a guy called Stefan Neville, from New Zealand, with a band called Pumice, who recorded an album when he came home from work”.  Piecing it together from the internet it seems I was talking about this:

Do crappy jobs breed good art? … I remember having just that kind of job, the same ritual day in day out and going home in the evening was the only respite from 8 hours of quite mind numbing boredom. Stefan Neville’s ‘Do Not Destroy’ is based entirely around this ritual, and the album was compiled from daily recordings he made on his immediate return from a full time filing job. Taking the structures of pop folk, Neville deconstructs the tracks and everything is piped onto 2 track tape, giving the record a lo-fidelity warmth and honesty comparable to the early recordings of outsider-bluesman Jandek. Neville’s deep and distorted droning however might best be compared to early Earth if they had a heap of broken equipment to work with.

From the boomkat website.  Physical object can be had from them, mp3s can be bought here.

I thought this was an interesting idea and decided to do the same.  Procedures, one 35 minute piece in eight segued-together parts, was the result.  I hawked it to Stefan for his stabbies etc. label but he wasn’t feeling it so it ended up with fellow kiwi Campbell Kneale (maybe best known as Birchville Cat Motel) who I had some suction with because he was an FFR fan.  I designed a cover for it, using a taught postgraduate application form (the tool of my then trade), but, before I could even spit, Campbell had wrapped it in wallpaper and released it on celebrate psi phenomena (now, apparently, called Dont Fuck With Magic, or maybe Our Love Will Destroy The World – I can’t keep up with these crazy hobbits).  Anyway, lots of different styles in this one and, as such, a unique midwich product – I really like it.  Check out the never-before-made-public original cover below (click to embiggen):

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