midwich on 45: ffr-a huddle one

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7″ singles are cool aren’t they?  I used to have hundreds of the bloody things.  I’d be looking for ‘Bible of the Beats’ or ‘Slave to the Rhythm’ and an avalanche of them would slide off the shelf and cover my bedroom floor with a slick of vinyl.  Most have gone to charity shops now and I suspect have been snapped up and resold on eBay by those with the patience to maintain a 100% positive rating.

Anyway, one thing I really wanted to do with FFR was release at least one 7″ single, preferably with me on it.  By asking around I discovered that, at the time, pretty much every little label used GZCD in the Czech Republic for pressing vinyl as they were cheap, quick, of decent quality and the minimum run they would commit to was a tiny and affordable 100 copies (it’s more nowadays).  They’d do transparent blue vinyl too – sweet.

Right then: what to put on it?  I thought collaborations might be a good idea.  randomNumber and Straight Outta Mongolia shook hands, exchanged floppy discs, and created the cracked-electro masterwork ‘house training the ninja’.  No you can’t hear it.  Midwich and No Energy hunched over a hot PC and strained ‘untilted’ out through various filters.  Graham did all the work and the sum total of my contribution was drinking too much coke and shouting ‘yeah, perfect, cut it there, great’.  The source material was a track from ‘lino hi’ by Vibracathedral Orchestra which makes this sort-of a remix and therefore one of the most obscure items in the extended Vibra discography.  Little treat for the completists there.  Apologies for the low bit rate of this mp3 – it is all I have to hand at the time of writing.  I’ll update it with a better quality version when I can be bothered to drag the turntable upstairs.

After sending the master cdr and artwork to GZCD I checked their website compulsively, shifting my obsessive behaviour to the DHL parcel-tracking website when the order was completed and sent.  When it arrived it was perfect – exactly what I wanted.  My then-girlfriend, amused by my delirious excitement, asked “is this your life’s crowning achievement then?”

“Don’t be daft,” I scoffed, the quiver in my voice giving me away.  It was certainly the best parcel I’d ever had.

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