a. jarvis – thread (uproot and scatter)

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thread (uproot and scatter)

Ladies and gentlemen, I have the great privilege and pleasure to re-present to you the fifteenth ffr release.  Andy has kindly agreed to me posting ‘thread…’, his first release, on this here blog.  Ten tracks totally 21 minutes, recorded over three years at the end of the last century.  Each of these little sketches is as perfect as a spider web and as fragile as happiness.  Given that each one will take seconds to download there is no excuse not to rip this to your generic mp3 player.

Andy also ran his own excellent microlabel, FirstPerson, until after a nice round 50 releases he gave in to the demands of real life and comitted it to the archive.  Students of the no-audience underground can find a list of releases, including very elegantly packaged gubbins by Ashtray Navigations, Julian Bradley, Neil Campbell, Culver and other luminaries, here.

A quietly charismatic chap and always good company, I have fond memories of sitting in the balcony of the Hyde Park Picture House with Andy making catty remarks about the worst ever Vibracathedral Orchestra performance.  Heh, heh – good night…


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