sanity muffin and ffr’s transatlantic endeavours

March 1, 2010 at 2:19 pm | Posted in fencing flatworm, new music, no audience underground | 1 Comment
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It has come to my attention that the rather wonderful Billy Sprague, head honcho of the sadly defunct label Rocket Racer, now has a tape label, co-founded with his brother, with the rather wonderful name of Sanity Muffin.  *Sigh*, if there was such a product I’d eat three a day.  Anyway, it is worth a click just to see the photo that heads up the blog – presumably young William and sibling.  I guess I was ahead of the curve with oTo.  Seems painfully hip to have a tape label nowadays as all the cool kids are doing it.

As an aside, Billy was the guy kind enough to invite Matt Robson, a.k.a. the now sadly defunct randomNumber, over to San Diego for a short tour.  I clung onto his coat tails, pretending to be the ‘tour manager’, and had a blast.  You can read about our exploits here.  It is a lengthy piece but entertainingly incriminating and interspersed with pictures of us looking young and gormless.  The trip to the US was one of the best treats that came as a result of the work we’d put in on FFR.

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  1. yeah! thanks roberto!
    some really good times, i hope your pals check out the tapes we have been releasing, i think were setting the bar pretty high…
    keep on keepin on…

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