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On finding out that Brian was still producing music (see this post below) I slung him some dough via the magic of paypal quick smart.  In return I received a very exciting parcel containing the three releases whose covers are thumbnailed above.  Much eloquent praise of this music can already be found on the internet, some archived on Brian’s site, some easily found via the labels themselves, so I’ll limit my comments to a few brief generalities and follow with a bunch of handy links.

As I’ve already admitted, Brian’s stuff strikes a chord with me and certainly influenced my later stuff.  His drones and atmospherics, combining electronics and field recordings, are never particularly complicated.  Their sophistication emerges as a result of the attention to detail with which these simple elements are combined.  The track titles harking back to a mystical or pastoral past may sound unforgivably proggy, but they fit as there is a kind of alchemy going on here.  All three are deep and lovely and melancholy and uplifting in turn.  Supernaturalist edges it for me.

Supernaturalist, 2008, EE Tapes, CD limited to 300 copies, available from the label and Brian

Fallen are the Domes of Green Amber, 2007, Diophantine Discs, CD limited to 500 copies, available again from the label or Brian

Avalonian, 2009, Apollolaan Recordings, CDr limited to a sweat-inducing 60 copies, sold out at source so you may have to try doing a JR Hartley around the distros for this…

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