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January 26, 2010 at 2:19 pm | Posted in midwich, no audience underground | 2 Comments
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Matching Head is an awesome label that has been documenting the darker end of drone and lo-fi experimental music for well over 10 years and currently features nearly 170 releases in its catalogue.

This is not the place to find boring power-electronic ‘shock’ tactics or screaming laptop digital noise. You are more likely to discover disconcerting metal-machine atmospherics influenced by 70s euro-horror, surreal lunacy and bass heavy grinding. All releases are super-cheap and it also has a remarkably consistent aesthetic: releases are packaged in unnerving black and white collage and photocopy manipulation. Like I said: awesome.

Lee Stokoe is the guy behind Matching Head, and is an unsung hero. Recording under many names, Culver being his main solo project, this quiet and unassuming man is responsible for much of the best of British noise. As well as genius recordings by me (see below) and Culver – every one of which is worth owning – the MH archive features fantastic live recordings of Vibracathedral Orchestra (one of my fave VCO things) and Matthew Bower’s Skullflower (a band Lee is now a regular member of). Less ‘famous’ names offer no less impressive stuff too.

So why doesn’t Lee and his label garner the praise and baubles that it so richly deserves? Maybe because all its releases are tape only and it has no website. Let that sink in for a minute: all its releases are tape only and it has no website. If the utter perversity of that stance in this digi-age doesn’t raise a smile then, friend, you just ain’t paying attention.

Lee has kindly allowed me to post mp3s of my solo MH release below but you’ll have to hit him up for our collaborations. A pdf of the latest catalogue can be found here.

from the office of the administrator

  1. eaten
  2. up to the surface
  3. smells wet
  4. my storm

As befits MH, this release is a bit ‘grittier’ than usual.  The short tracks are really short and spiky and the minimal drone stuff really minimal and droney.  My storm is 26 minutes or so of a short loop of vinyl crackle layered and filtered and left to build to a swampy, crushing crescendo.


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  1. Hello Rob,
    great to see you back in action, and can i say without a word of a lie, that without the active inspiration, encouragement and support from both yourself and Lee, then there would be no FRU.
    both of you are unsung heroes in my book

    • Aww… Fraser you are too kind! Good to hear from you too. I’ll be in touch eventually about the midwich tracks you so kindly included on that pjorn compilation…

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