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I know January is a lean month but you really should chuck a fiver at Krayon Recordings and get the split 7″ single pictured above. I’ll let them sell it to you:

Wheezing skyward born machine groans and gasped tremolo root to a kinetic pulse, while distant melody zones ascend to circulate around the bass flex on this face chewer by Neil Campbell. On the flip is the first vinyl cut by Glockenspiel, flocculent tones weave with tom rub and bowed metal harmonics, drifting on the back of a drum dub to the heart of a snow-blind haze of feedback, amplified string scrape and analogue electronics. Spin at 45. Art by Noah Campbell.

Neil, a mate of mine for a fair while now, has been a big fish in this small-to-middling-sized pond for longer than he probably cares to remember and will feature on this blog as often as I can get away with.  Need I mention the pebble-smooth blog-traffic-increasing fact that he was once in the mighty Vibracathedral Orchestra?  The latest incarnation of VCO also have a 7″ out on Krayon so get that too.

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