the first two midwich/ffr albums

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every day is the same

  1. management
  2. too early
  3. havin’ fun
  4. every day is the same

life underwater

  1. gills vs gulls
  2. life underwater
  3. octopus meets bagpipes, unsure
  4. rays

These ‘albums’ were the first publicly-available midwich stuff and the first two releases on ffr.  They were recorded quickly and wear their influences prominently: Nurse With Wound (especially in the short tracks and track titles), pan sonic (especially in the endurance-testing ‘too early’), Vibracathedral Orchestra (in droney feel, I know it doesn’t sound like them) and various electronic stuff I was listening to at the time.

Despite feeling a bit unfinished, I’m proud of tracks like the icy ‘every day is the same’ and ‘rays’ – the warm bubbling of the latter became a bit of a signature style.  They also set the template for the ‘standard’ midwich release – four(ish) tracks alternating between short and spiky and long and droney.  God, this is self indulgent isn’t it?  I’m enjoying this…

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