how ffr started and what midwich is about

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Should have posted this before, I guess.  Add these three interview chunks to the manifesto below and you’ve pretty much got it covered:

From an interview, details lost:

 “The label was born on the 26/01/00.  It was my 28th birthday and I had taken the day off work to celebrate but, as it was a weekday, none of my so-called friends could come out to play.  A few months previously I had bought a computer with a cdr-writer in it so, to kill the afternoon, I started a record company…  Two things really got the label moving.  The first was Sean Keeble, comrade and tireless friend, introducing himself and asking if he could help. The second was drinking pal Neil Campbell (of Vibracathedral Orchestra) giving us a recording to use for our third release.”

 Two excerpts from a self-interview penned for Lockjaw fanzine, 26th April, 2001:

 “Midwich is me.  I’ve been using the name for a year and a half, though the idea has been with me for as long as I can remember.  All the noise is created using a Roland MC303 Groovebox, occasionally augmented with shortwave radio or guitar effect pedals.  I don’t use a computer for sequencing.  All tracks are recorded ‘live’ with me crouched over the keyboard grinning and nodding like there is something wrong with me.  It is very analog and lo-fi.  I’m not a musician at all.  I can’t read music, perform scales, play any musical instrument properly.  I want to make something simple and beautiful or funny or involving with the poor resources I have.”

 “There is an ‘idea’ to midwich, the stuff is about something.  After suffering a serious depression I became interested in the mechanics of coping with the everyday.  I came through it noticing the shit and the little pleasures a lot more.  Most of the things we have to do are dull and repetitious and grinding and perverse yet we can somehow manage by enjoying the small differences, the nuances, of the day or by being surprised by an unexpected event.  Hence slowly changing droney tracks interspersed with short sometimes jokey tracks and titles like ‘life underwater’.  The name midwich comes from John Wyndham’s exquisite science fiction novel ‘The Midwich Cuckoos’ a place that is both utterly normal and distressing alien at the same time.  Like all places.”

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