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So here is the fencing flatworm recordings manifesto.  Everyone loves a manifesto, eh?  Well, everyone loves writing one.  This should serve as an explanation of why and what we were up to.  Re-reading this I was quite proud and excited again at the uncompromising nature of our endeavour. 

If you can’t be arsed reading the whole thing then just skip to the notorious demo submission policy.  This led to some humdinger rows with submitters wounded by rejection.  I’ll see if I can find some of the narky letters.  Another CDR label at the time, the gloriously named Burning Emptiness, lifted it almost word-for-word and, with our blessing, used it as their policy too.  I make no apologies  – if you’d lost hours of your finite and irreplaceable life listening to dozens of scratchy, unstructured, improv demos from Scandanavia then you’d be tough about it too…

Doc spec: four pages presented in glorious pdf-o-vision, written sometime Winter 2002/2003 with various out-of-date order and contact details redacted so as not to confuse the hard-of-understanding.

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